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Find tier 1 facilities and services

Northwell Health Employee Benefit Plan Members and participating CIIPA clinicians can use the resources below to find Tier 1, in-system providers and facilities. Use of Tier 1 providers and facilities will minimize cost-sharing amounts for patients.

Please note:

  • If a Northwell provider refers you to a non-Northwell facility or a non-Northwell provider, that service will not be considered covered as Northwell provided
  • Any imaging, lab, outpatient, hospital or other facility procedure conducted in a non-Northwell facility will not be considered as Northwell provided.

Understand my benefits

Northwell Health offers the following medical plans for employees. Use these guides to understand your benefits and select a plan during the annual open enrollment period (or following a Qualifying Life Event).

Review claims and relevant plan activity

The following external sites allow employees to review claims, pay outstanding balances and perform other self-service tasks.

Value and buy-up plan enrollees

  • Medical (including labs): MyCreateHealth – Providers not enrolled in CIIPA qualify as Tier 2 for purposes of the Employee Benefit Plan. Usage of Tier 2 providers typically results in higher cost-sharing amounts for members.
  • Pharmacy: Vivo Health

Other employee services and resources

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Northwell Health Employees looking to learn more about what’s new in 2023 and to search for in-network providers, please visit